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Cloud-Based UAV Simulator
Leveraging the power of WebRTC to deliver cloud-based simulation experiences

ROLE: AI Software & Simulation Engineer


SKILLS UTILIZED: Unreal Engine, Networking, AWS, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Coding (C++, Python)   


SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, AWS



With the advent of real-time photorealism (RTPR), virtual environments are now able to acheive higher degrees of engagement than ever before. Unfortunately, in order to power these high-fidelity worlds, a powerful desktop machine on a pro-gaming or virtual production level is needed.


This limits most of societys exposure to these highly engaging experiences, and ultimately the applications they make take on. This web-based simulation system was made in order to bring RTPR into the hands of users without a high-end PC. The simulator runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) instances running in the cloud and streams simulation frames to a web Google Collab notebook. Controls for the simulator are provided in the notebook and send appropriate input to the Unreal Engine game running in AWS.