OmniVoid - Ashes

Immersive FPS-RPG Experience

ROLE: Founder & Producer / Lead Developer

SKILLS UTILIZED: 3D Modeling, Virtual Environment Design, Multimedia Asset Production, and Project Management

SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk 3DsMax & Maya, SolidWorks, and Substance Painter & Designer

HARDWARE: HTC Vive Pro Eye, and Hololens 2




OmniVoid is an XR & AI development studio driven by a vision to connect reality and imagination. Our multi-talented collective of engineers, artists, and designers span across the globe - bringing a unique variety to our projects. OmniVoid's mission is to bring new degrees of realism and empathy to technological mediums, serving as both engaging entertainment and thought-provoking experiences. The studio has conducted contract work for clients in the domains of film, games, and simulation.


OmniVoid is now developing it's debut title, "Ashes", is currently in development under the PC platform, and multi-platform support is anticipated for a later release. Ashes is an FPS-RPG powered by Epic Game's Unreal Engine 4 technology - carrying an eye-catching aesthetic and compelling storyline.


There are three things everyone on the OmniVoid team has - an incredible passion, excellent technical skills, and an amazingly creative mind. All of our team's talents and abilities come together to shape unique environments for our users to explore. Our mission isn't just to develop immersive worlds, its to inspire our own.