Modeling Cinematographer Technique for Production Optimization

ROLE: Developer

SKILLS UTILIZED: System Design & Development, 3D Production, Robotic Systems Engineering, and Cinematography 


SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Sequencer, CineTracer, ROS, Tensorflow, and LiveLink

HARDWARE: DJI Inspire, Custom Robot Arm/Manipulator, BlackMagic URSA Mini 4k, BlackMagic DeckLink 8k PRO



Every cinematographer has a different vision and technique - ultimately this is what makes each film unique. However, replicating 'the perfect shot' can often be difficult due to a variety of distraction and unforeseen events on set. What if cinematographers could be aided and have their camera operation abilities augmented? With Phantom-Motion this is now possible as well as other benefits for optimizing production for team. Phantom-Motion is a sensor harness that retrofits onto standard DSLR and cinema-camera body formats for tracking the motion of the device as it is operated. The system produces a model of that particular operator's technique, which may later be imported into Unreal Engine 4 to drive Sequencer (an in-engine camera operation module) or autonomous agents such as drones or robotic camera arms/manipulators. 

Phantom-Motion was first developed for an in-house project at OmniVoid and is anticipated for release as an Unreal Engine plug-in, for purchase via the Epic Games marketplace. The tool enables quick-iteration and coordination between directors and cinematographers since shots can be previewed in the Phantom-Motion Editor. Finally, cinematographers can share their signature vision with the world in new ways than previously possible.