ROLE: Photographer / Graphic Designer 


SKILLS UTILIZED: Product Photography, Photo Retouching, Graphic Design, Audio RecordingWeb Design


SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Virtual Tonoscope, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign




The "Fundamentals" image series consists of eight composite images aimed at making sound visible. Each composite featured two elements - a musical instrument and an associated cymaglyph. The musical instruments are from product photographs that I produced strictly for this series. A cymaglyph is a visualization of sonic vibration and they were generated virtually from the lowest pitch of each instrument. This project has sparked an interest in cymatics and pursuing professional endeavors in the field. I strongly believe that integrating science into art can broaden a viewer’s perspective and ultimately their appreciation of the world. Given the vast amount of information available through the internet there is always something new to discover. Unfortunately, a lot of information goes unseen since people are unaware it exists.


Musical composition has always been a passion of mine and one of the driving forces behind everything I do. My love for music introduced me to a variety of artistic and scientific disciplines at a young age and I feel equally passionate for all of them. The center point of "Fundamentals" was synthesizing music and physics to produce images that the average viewer can appreciate. I feel that scientific disciplines are often poorly expressed and can come off as intimidating or uninteresting - my goal was to avoid this entirely. "Fundamentals" taught me how to see scientific truths in many different ways and inspired me in even more.